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Arguably the best sport in the world

I make no apologies for being bias here. I have enjoyed the sport of Triathlon since 1989. I wish triathlons for kids were around when I was at school!

Sports coaches taking on triathlon for kids coaching squads must keep one think firmly in mind, FUN & ENJOYMENT

Triathlon for kids can very quickly turn into a too competitive atmosphere of sports coaches over training the junior athletes. Kids triathlon training should be about giving the kids confidence in their swimming, cycling and running. Beginner triathlon training if done correctly will see triathlon becoming a lifestyle not a sport for the participants.

beginner Triathlon training

Talk to any triathlete who has been around more than 10 years and they will tell you its a lifestyle. How did it become that way? Athletes developed at their own pace and were not pushed into large volumes of long slow distance work or high intensity interval training workouts.

Triathlon, aquathons, duathlons all require the athletes to compete on their own. However triathlon for kids needs to still foster the team atmosphere. Triathlon coaches need to work hard and develop positive training environments were the athletes work together, encourage one another, celebrate others successes and support others when race results don't go to plan.

Beginner triathlon training

Kids Triathlon Training programs

2 swims
2 Rides
3 Runs

7 sessions a week

This is suitable for triathlon kids (and older high school athletes) who are not involved in other individual or teams sports. Most beginner triathlon training groups are filled with kids who have come from a swimming, or cross country squad background. Children 12 and under benefit from playing in team sports. Triathlon coaches would adjust triathlon training programs to allow other sports activities to coexist.

Triathlon coaches must remember that school, homework and family life still exist

Triathlon is an excellent sport for kids to teenagers to participate in. Many junior triathletes train without a specific triathlon coach - they get direction from possibly a swim coach, a track & field/cross country coach, and fit a bike ride whenever possibly with mum or dad tagging along to keep an eye out for traffic hazards.

Triathlon for kids training programs and beginner & advanced triathlon training workouts

12 years and under advanced
High school beginner
High school advanced

triathlon for kids