Triathlon for beginners in High School

Triathlon for beginners in high school is going to attract students who enjoy sport and feel reasonably confident in their ability to swim, bike and run. Not to many high school students contemplate the idea of participating in triathlon if they have a major weakness in one of the disciplines. More often than not the inability to swim strongly rules triathlon out for many high school students.

Also triathlon coaches should be aware that teenage bodies are changing rapidly. High school triathlete self confidence will fluctuate depending on the clothing choices they are presented with in triathlon. Triathlon coaches should be mindful of letting especially the female athletes train and compete in whatever they feel most comfortable in.

Beginner triathlon

Triathlon coaches should identify what strength beginners in high school posses. Triathletes confidence will built quickly if the early season training is allowing them to display their strengths.

Triathlons for beginners in high school have definitely moved on from a mountain bike being acceptable for the bike leg of the race. The bikes on display at any local triathlon now days shows that even the inexperienced athletes now ride bikes that don't fit a beginners price tag. The triathlon coach would be well suited to assist the high school triathletes with buying and trading of bikes that others have grown out of or who purchased new equipment.

The high school triathlon for beginner triathlon training programs will be aimed at preparing the senior triathletes for a race up to the following distances.

Swim 750m / Bike 20km / Run 5km

High school triathlon coaches should plan a program of 12-14 weeks. 5-6 weeks of steady miles/kilometers to increase the students base fitness levels. 4-5 weeks of race specific triathlon training. 2 weeks of interval training being careful to allow the athlete to recover between sessions. And finally 1 week to taper for the triathlon, aquathon/aquathlon, or duathlon race.

High school triathlon

The beginning high school triathlete will find the 750m/20km/5km triathlon a challenge to complete with 12 weeks of training. If the athlete is new to triathlon but is very active in sports such as competitive swimming or run on the cross country / track & field team then the triathlon fitness will come easier and faster.

The high school triathlon coach should be encouraging these beginning athletes to derive great enjoyment from this great sport and compete regularly in coming seasons. A sport coach who drives new comers into the ground is doing a disservice to themselves and more importantly the athlete.

The high school beginner triathlete has taken on a new sport and will be full of energy and enthusiasm. Coaches should have their set weekly triathlon training times and the older students will juggle their other commitments around the sessions.

Beginner triathlon training

A absolute maximum for beginning high school students:

  • 12-14 week program
  • 7-8 sessions a week
  • 75 minute long training session

The senior students will need to attend a large percentage of the training sessions to comfortably complete the sprint triathlon distances appropriate to their age.

Triathlon for Beginners training program

Monday - Swim 30-60minutes (Long intervals 100 - 400m)
Run 20-40 minutes (Fartlek, intervals, tabata)

Tuesday - Bike 30-45minutes (Steady ride)

Wednesday - Run 20-45 minutes (Steady run with some small hills)

Thursday - Bike 30-45 minutes (Short 3-8 minutes speed intervals)

Friday - Swim 30-60 minutes (25-100m sprints plus various other strokes for strength)

Saturday - Mini races / transition practice 60 mins (very short swim/runs, bike/runs, or swim/bike/runs 5-10 minutes in length for each)

Sunday - Rest and family time

Above are maximum times and distances. Triathlon training doesn't need to be this lengthy for the beginner high school student.

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