Extra Training tips for Coaches when planning a kids training session

Below are a number of extra training tips for coaches and ideas to help plan a successful kids training session for kids sports.

  • Plan so that activities flow from one to the next smoothly. Have equipment close at hand and develop routines so that kids know what to do next
  • Read training manuals and search the internet (this site included) to get new ideas for sports games, activities and sport specific drills
  • Sports drills and minor sports games from one sport can easily be adapted to suit another
  • Over plan kids training sessions rather than under plan. It is easier to omit drills than to add unplanned sports drills
  • Organise kids training sessions so that participants are actively involved. Use more groups with a small number of athletes rather than a few groups containing large disruptive numbers
  • Avoid activities that require inactivity or sports drills that eliminate kids. It is likely that the kids to be first eliminated will be the less skilled, exactly the participants who need the most practice in sports games
  • Plan drills so that all kids have a good chance of success. This will improve motivation
  • Even younger kids are capable of working independently in small groups. Sports coaches should develop activity station cards that explain the sports or fitness drill to be practiced by the kids

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Essential Training Session elements

  • training session introduction
  • kids warm up
  • sports skills and kids fitness activities
  • kids cool down
  • training session review