A well structured Training Session helps avoid Behavior Management issues from developing

Bored, non active sports kids will disrupt a training session that is not well planned. Sports kids generally arrive to sports coaches ready to expend some energy and have a fun enjoyable time.

Sport coaches will do well to keep this in mind when designing their sessions for the individual, team or squad.

Below is an outline of a training session and or competition session that helps my behavior management of the kids in sport. Click here if you want information about how to plan or what to plan in a training session for sports kids.

Training Session

  • I arrive early to ensure my equipment is set up for the session
  • I allow 5 minutes before the session starts for the kids to socialize
  • I begin the session with a sit down explanation of the up coming training session
  • My warm up is an active fun game
  • My session is broken into fitness, skill development, and game play
  • Session components are designed so kids waiting and down time is minimized
  • Cool down is done together as a whole group
  • A short debrief is held to conclude the session

Competition Game or Event
  • I arrive early to ensure my equipment is set up for the competition game or event
  • I allow 5 minutes before I begin the pre competition routine for the kids to socialize. For competitions insist on a minimum 45 minute arrive before start time
  • I begin the competition routine with a sit down explanation of the up coming game or event
  • The game warm up consists of various game skills practiced as drills
  • Pre competition instructions are given
  • Waiting time on the interchange bench is kept as short as possible
  • Cool down is done together as a whole group after the competition
  • A short debrief is held to conclude the competition routine

Behavior management problems occur when you fail to address one of the above.

Sports kids will be disruptive if they have to wait during the skills session or competition game for you to set up equipment.

Children like to chat, push, shove, and generally fool around with their friends on first arriving, allow time for this to happen.

Sit the athletes down to discuss your goals and behavior expectations for the session or game. This sends a clear message to the kids that negative behavior will not be tolerated.

During the warm up let the sports kids get rid of that silly excited energy they have arrived with.

Short explanations for each activity are best at training. Provide enough information to ensure safety and athlete understanding. If sport coaches talk too much the group becomes disengaged and negative behavior begins.

All activities should involve the sports kids having multiple turns and very short waiting times. Just watch the negative behavior begin when the wait time in the line is too long or the winging starts on the interchange bench. ‘When can I go on?

The warm down and debriefing session are great ways to bring everyone together to discuss the positive aspects of the session or game and have all leave in a positive mood, enthusiastic to return next time.

The management of kids at a training session is a balancing act. Sometimes the sports coach needs to be flexible and make changes depending on the mood of the group, climatic conditions etc. A happy, motivated group of sports kids will require very little behaviour management.

Coaching kids sports requires common sense Information & Education

Great sports coaches have well planned Training Sessions that include variety and intensity.

Kids sports games must always encourage participation and promote fun and enjoyment as the NUMBER 1 reason for playing.

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