Team Sports Training Program

Here is an example of a team sports training program that could be for any kid’s sport.

In this example the following parameters apply:

  • children are 6-13 years old
  • competition is played weekly eg Saturday mornings
  • the season will consist of 12 competition sports games
  • no final series will be played

Off Season - not applicable in this example.

Pre Season

  • 4 weeks in length
  • meet with club officials and administrators
  • organize sports team equipment
  • schedule sports team training venue and times
  • meet and greet players and parents - distribute the team code of conduct – have a team meeting to discuss
  • send home a parent letter outlining your goals and expectations for the upcoming season
  • be friendly and supportive of all players
  • sports team training is concentrating on building kid’s fitness and endurance
  • ensure kids understand and can interpret the rules and regulations of the sports game.
  • Practice the basic skills required to play the sports game
  • build individual enthusiasm and team harmony in readiness for the upcoming competition
  • possible organization of a trail match
  • begin teaching and emphasizing sports etiquette
Click Here to see an example ‘parent letter’.

Competition Season

  • 12 competition games
  • continue developing and increasing kids fitness
  • concentrate on the specific fitness demand of the chosen sports game
  • prepare kid’s for the feeling and appropriate behaviors associated with winning and losing sports games
  • establish game day routines
  • place a heavy emphasis on teaching, improving and perfecting sports specific skills required to be successful in the sports game
  • analyze each weeks game noting the kid’s weaknesses
  • practice the weaknesses at training
  • continually simulate game situations in training drills
  • continue to build individual enthusiasm and team harmony
  • continue to educate and use sports etiquette

A standard team sports training session would include:

  • a short team discussion re this sessions goals and retrospective evaluation / comments on past games or trainings
  • warm up
  • kids fitness
  • skill development
  • practice sports game simulation
  • cool down
  • a short debrief re the team sport training session and discussion about the coming competition game
Don’t forget to be supportive, encourage maximum participation, and keep the sports teams training sessions fun and enjoyable

Post Season