Sprint Triathlon for Advance High School Students

Triathlon coaches like any sports coach love to coach the elite. The sprint triathlon distance is the preferred length of race for the experienced high school triathletes.

The sprint triathlon involves the following:

750m swim / 20km bike / 5km run

High school triathletes are more than capable of defeating most adults over this distance. The distance tests their outer endurance capabilities. However there raw speed is far superior to most adult weekend triathlete warriors.

sprint triathlon

Sprint Triathlon training program

12-16 weeks program

Base fitness work 6-8 weeks
Race specific 4-6 weeks
High intensity interval training 2-3 weeks
Taper 1 week

Monday - Swim 60-90minutes (Long intervals 200 - 800m / small aquathon)
Run 30-60 minutes (Fartlek, intervals, tabata)

Tuesday - Bike 45-75minutes (Steady ride on road or windtrainer)

Wednesday - Run 20-60 minutes (Steady run with some small hills)

Thursday - Bike 45-90 minutes (Short 5-8 minutes speed intervals on road or windtrainer)

Friday - Swim 45-75 minutes (25-100m sprints plus various other strokes for strength)

Saturday - Long ride / short transition run 120 minutes / 15 minutes

Sunday - Rest and family time

Above is a suggested triathlon program for kids in sport. High school students have increase workloads at school and some will have casual employment. Triathlon coaches will need to work closely with the athletes to construct an efficient sprint triathlon training program. As a sports coach of a junior athlete always keep in mind not to overtrain the student. The athletes will be overly enthusiastic and not recognize the signs of overtraining themselves. You as coach need to monitor their training performance carefully and adjust the training session when required.

kids in sport

The sprint triathlon requires the competitive athletes to race at a near maximum effort for around the 60 minute time frame.

The triathlon coach after he or she has trained the high school athlete in numerous weeks of base fitness can move into interval training.

The base training involves the athletes competing the training at around 60-75 percent effort levels (aerobic training). Or the athletes are able to hold a conversation while training the entire session.

The high intensity interval training pushes the body to make good use of the limited oxygen the lungs can provide to the working muscles. The muscles will on occasions work without oxygen (anaerobic training). Training methods of tabata and fartlek (speed play) are extremely useful.

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