Coaching during the Sports Competition phase of Training

The sports competition phase of a yearly training plan is what the kids in sports look forward to the most. It is the whole reason they participate.

This phase of the yearly periodization of kids training is characterized by;

  • continued emphasis on improving kids fitness
  • implementation of the code of conduct
  • the sports coach constantly reinforcing the rules and regulations of the sports games
  • educating the athletes about sports etiquette
  • educating the athletes about sports nutrition
  • training sessions dominated by teaching and perfecting specific game skills
  • ensuring all athletes, even the unskilled, are able to experience equal involvement, fun and enjoyment from the sports games
  • and of course, participating in the various competitions and events

When I'm coaching team sports this phase involves;

  • continuing with the kids fitness routines I established in the pre season
  • evaluating the sports teams last performance and designing and practicing sports skills / drills so they can improve
  • encouraging a positive and supportive team environment
  • maintaining strong management of the kids behavior
  • keeping a high level of FUN for most activities

In my Cross Country, Track & Field and Triathlon squads this phase involves;

  • the continuation of a training plan which is working towards a specific event or championship
  • ensuring my athletes are fueling and hydrating their bodies sufficiently
  • factoring in rest and recovery into their programs
  • working on the ‘mental’ aspect of their upcoming event
  • educating them about the ‘taper’ they will have before their main event of the season

The older the kids, the more important the competition phase of training becomes for them, their parents and you as a sports coach.

Always remember that they aren’t mini adults and are ultimately training with you to experience learning new skills, to enjoy playing sports games and socialize with friends.

Resist the urge to transform into the UGLY COACH and or support the OVER the TOP PARENT. The positive or negative results of the young athletes in the sports competitons is not a reason to lose focus of the main reason of participating in sports.

Winning and being successful as a sports coach is wonderful but not at the expense of sports kids being used as pawns for coaches ego's.

Kids sport is for them to enjoy and grow from the experience