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How to coach kids sports

A junior sports coach is an individual who has taken on the role of guiding today’s youth in gaining enthusiasm, knowledge, fitness, skills, and game strategies through participating in sport games.

Your success in coaching kids sports will enable children to experience the thrill of participating positively in organized sport. Sports coach coaching kids sport

Training sessions for coaching sports games for kids years ago mostly consisted of playing a game, with very little time on skill development.

On game day the coach would try and physic up the team to perform. During the game they proceeded to yell and scream at the players with a mix of positive and negative comments.

This achieved mixed results. Success came more from the coaching having a talented bunch of kids rather than his or her coaching influence on the individual or team.

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Experience is a sports coaches greatest attribute

sport coach coaching kids sport

Increasingly, sports coaches have recognized the need to approach coaching from, what an individual needs, rather than what the team requires.

Once individuals have the skills required to participate, then the coaching emphasis can turn to team cohesion, structure and team game strategies.

In today’s mine field of legalities, taking on the role of the coach can be daunting. This is a common worry for new coaches. As an inexperienced coach, become proactive not reactive in your thoughts and actions.

The junior coach needs to keep one thing firmly implanted in their brain, and that is the following question.

If this current activity results in my junior athlete becoming injured what could have I done to have minimized this from occurring?

What circumstances could I have better controlled?

sports coach coaching kids sports

Whenever working with kids in sports, constantly monitor and self evaluate your actions.

Experienced coaches do it automatically, but for you, a new coach, just put yourself in the parent’s shoes. You have their most valuable asset!

If any incident occurs, can you honestly say that it was an accident OR were your actions and or activities putting unnecessary risk on the kids.

It shouldn't be all doom and gloom but this is a ‘big one’ for all coaches. Always provide a safe playing environment when coaching kids sports. After that everything else will just fall into place.

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Coaching kids sports requires common sense Information & Education

Great sports coaches have well planned Training Sessions that include variety and intensity.

Kids sports games must always encourage participation and promote fun and enjoyment as the NUMBER 1 reason for playing.

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