Sport Injuries and Illness should sound alarm bells for kids sports coaches

Sport injuries and athletes illnesses are going to impact on a sports coach's programs, sessions and competition results.

A kids health is more important than a sports coach pushing kids fitness and exercise to unsustainable levels just to achieve results.

Kids in sports and sport coaches are faced with usually two scenarios

1. Natural occurring sport injuries and or illness

2. Sports injuries and illness caused by over training and or inappropriate training methods.

Kids sport injuries

Always show concern and caution towards sick and injured kids in sport:

  • Provide a modified training program / session where appropriate
  • Allow further participation in training sessions and competitions only when appropriate
  • Insist athletes seek medical advice when required if sports injuries are suspected to be severe
  • Follow up with parents and athletes on the advice and treatment prescribed
  • Maintain the same high level of interest and support towards the sick and injured kids in your squad or teams

In my many years dealing with kids sports two preventative actions can reduce the amount of time kids spend sick or injured.

Kid's need to stay highly hydrated. This helps prevent sickness and aids recovery

Sleep – get lots of it. 10 hours plus for the kids

A tired athlete is susceptible to an illness developing.

A tired athlete is susceptible to a sports injury occurring due to poor technique caused by fatigue.

Sport coaches, don’t put yourself into the horrible situation of your negligent actions causing harm to an athlete.

It is never appropriate to risk injury or illness to any child in the quest to win a game or event.
Kids sports injuries restrict kids fitness

Kids injury management

1. Stop the activity and or games immediately.
2. Talk to the injured sports kid.
3. Observe the injured body part.
4. Prevent further injury (remove the player from any further danger)

If any spinal injury is suspected, the injured player should not be moved until expert medical attention is administered.

Kids who receive any form of head injuries should be monitored very carefully. Parents should be notified, so close supervision can be continued once the player leaves the sports coaches care.

Three courses of action take place after a kid is injured:

1. A severe injury expert medical attention is sort.

2. A less severe injury (usually soft tissue) a player receives the RICER regime.

3. A minor injury and the player, coach, parent and medical attendant give the ok to continue in the activity and or game.

RICER - Injury Management

Sports injuries - immediate management of sprains, strains, corks, bumps and bruises should follow this procedure:






The Sports Injury Clinic is an excellent site for sports injuries diagnosis, prevention & treatment. Check it out!

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