Speed Training for Kids is ESSENTIAL


Kids in sports are never going to be more accomplished in speed and agility training than now. Kids are born with RAW speed.

Sport coaches should:

  • use speed and agility training in the kids fitness sessions because they enjoy it and think its fun
  • kids want to go fast so are open to learning from your education
  • change kids muscles memory by practicing sprint drills (head, arms & legs)
  • use speed training in conjunction with sport specific game skills

What should you do in your sessions to improve speed training for kids?

I use speed in my kids fitness program; relays, short sprints, fartlek in running/swimming (change of speed), heart rate training, using peer competitions to complete fitness activities as races.

I use speed in my skills and drill training; fast manipulation of playing equipment, drills done at competition speed, skills practiced when kids are under pressure, using peer competitions to complete training drills as races.

Swimming, Triathlon and Track & Field sport coaches are going to spend considerable time on speed training programs. They will concentrate on correct technique. Athletes will rehearse drills in slow motion to perfect body movements, which will enhance and develop speed.

Team sport coaches require their athletes to use speed within sport games however perfect technique is not required.

Speed training for kids will cause fatigue. Coaches need to allow longer rest periods between activities. Failure to allow athletes to recover from speed work changes the session into endurance than speed training.

Principles for kids to improve seed:

  • practice running or executing sports skills faster than your goal or game speed. Distances and playing environments many need to be modified to allow this
  • allow your muscle fibers and nervous system to cope with the speed and stamina required for you to go fast by training at goal pace
  • as the body becomes accustom to the speed and agility training, reduce the recovery time between speed intervals to closely mimic race or game pace
  • develop, maintain and practice stretching and flexibility exercises
  • losing weight equals free speed
  • easy sessions allows the body to recover more quickly and ultimately more speed and agility training can be tolerated without injury

  • CLICK HERE for a sample speed training program for various sports.