Help improve kids self esteem by being a supportive sports coach

Self esteem problems

Your team or squads of children will contain many different personalities. Among the kids there may be overweight and or unskilled individuals. These kids many be already showing signs of low self confidence.

Self esteem or self confidence is a about the feeling you have towards yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

A major goal of kids sport is maximum participation and to provide fun and enjoyment. The sports coach needs to ensure that the training program and training sessions organized by themselves follows this philosophy.

A coach is not going too have the expertise and the time to curer junior athletes of their social and emotional problems. They can however provide an avenue for kids to improve self confidence and self worth.

Coaching traits such as consistency, consideration, positive attitudes and great role models will help the team or squad function efficiently. When the group is interacting positively with each other the individuals with low confidence will feel more happy, safe and hopefully engage in all the activities.

In my experience kids feel best about themselves when their peers are supportive and the negative ’put downs’ are zero.

The unskilled and overweight kids deserve a chance to participate and improve. Be a sports coach who fosters an environment where the sports kids can participate and be free of negativity.

coaching kids sports is Doug Locke