Rules in sport

Knowledge of the rules in sport is a fundamental coaching requirement. The junior sports coach when coaching kids sports should have a firm understanding of the laws and regulations of the game or activity.

The local indoor sports club have asked you to manage the local badminton competition. The rules of badminton have slipped your mind however a link is provided below to help you out!

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Below are links to the various individual sports International Federation's.

Each site has a section on their current rules and regulations.

Laws are very often modified to make junior sport more enjoyable for the kids.

When coaching kids sports be sure to ask the local governing body of your sport to provide you with their current modified rules and regulations.

The various sports official websites also offer the sports Code of Conduct. This explicitly states the do's and don't for organizing and coaching that the sports coaches, their players, parents and other sport officials must adhere too.

The below links will provide sports coaches with coaching resources.

American Football

Australian Rules Football





Road & Track Cycling, Mountain Bike

Football / Soccer

Field Hockey

Ice Hockey

Downhill Ski, Snowboard, Cross country Ski

Track & Field, Cross Country

Swimming, Water Polo, Diving




Rugby League




The above links were current as of October 2011. Sports coaches should also research their own countries sports governing bodies website that will have more information in regard to any specific local rules and regulations.

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