Power training for kids

Is it necessary?

Power training for kids is not a topic most junior sports coaches would spend time researching.

Strength training for kids is a safer way to achieve positive performance results.

Power training exercises involve making movements at maximum force in a short explosive time frame. Think off weight lifters doing the ‘clean and jerk’.

Power training programs typically involve athletes using weight or heavy resistance to increase the body’s muscles ability to exert a maximum force very quickly.

Sport coaches who wish to know more should research the following techniques:

  • plyometrics
  • ballistics
  • explosive strength training
  • heavy strength training

I have never used heavy weight training for kids in my junior sports coaching. Why, because I think the risk of children injuring themselves by overdoing the heavy maximal weight training is too great.

Specialist / elite track and field (throw and jump events), basketball and volleyball(vertical jump) coaches may include modified kids power training programs into their sessions.

Mum and Dad weekend warriors coaching sports games will not have a need to include this kids fitness component into their weekly training sessions.

To design and monitor a power training for kids program I suggest you access a certified training course in weight training. Don’t guess the do’s and don'ts of safe kids exercises.

Young developing bodies aren’t meant to be over stressed.

I do support doing general strength training for kids using their own body weight. Click Here for a more detailed explanation.

The most popular training of power activities for kids exercise is the ‘vertical jump’ training. As mentioned before Track & Field, Basketball and Volleyball sports coaches may find benefit in researching this type of kids sports training program.