Post Season

What to do?

Celebrate, party, hand out awards and well done certificates!

Post season training is a time for:

  • NO training; rest & recovery
  • letting all involved; sport kids, sports coach, parents, umpire’s and sport officials to take a BREAK
  • the coach to congratulate the athletes on their participation and encourage their further involvement in the upcoming pre season
  • for athletes and parents to offer a thank you to the coach and other officials
  • a sports coach to evaluate their seasons sports training programs
  • analyze how successful the training sessions were organized and received by the athletes
  • helping any overweight children formulate a kid’s fitness program
  • deciding whether time, family commitments and personal enthusiasm will see them coach kid’s next season
  • cleaning, repairing, replacing and purchasing new sports equipment for the up coming pre season and competition season
  • the kid’s sport coach further educate themselves in there chosen sports game

Before coaches let their mind move onto next season, they do need to take the time to feel satisfied on a job well done.

How you:

And finally how those kid’s really ENJOYED themselves and had lots of FUN

Well done Coach!