Display Positive Behavior to improve the management of kids in your sports team

As sports coach be positive not negative to encourage the sports kids to show positive behavior throughout training sessions and sports games.

It’s very difficult to stay positive when you have worked all day and arrive already fatigued at a kids sport training session. Forward planning is vital for an inexperienced sports coach.

Click here to see how you organize a training session. Be prepared for training, this helps alleviate problems with you spending time dealing with behavior management all session.

Coaches are role models. Your attitude positive or negative will be picked up on by the athletes. An up beat, enthusiastic instructor will see the kids posses the same attitude when participating in the training session.

Sometimes know matter how planned you are and how enthusiastic you may be some kids will display negative poor behavior. When this occurs your first action should be to immediately give some positive reinforcement to another athlete who is doing the correct thing.

On most occasions the naughty child will think to themselves, ‘I want the attention he or she just got from the coach’. The child usually changes their negative behavior to a positive one. Sports coaches need to then be prepared to give the positive reinforcement to that child.

It will become a grind for the coach to keep doing this just to keep problem children focused but believe me its so much easier having kids enjoying themselves and doing the right thing than dealing with disruptive kids.

In all my years of coaching, 20 plus years, I have not experienced too many children where this has failed to work. It is certainly a less stressful technique than going into a rage, yelling and shouting to try and get positive behavior from the problem child or children.