What does a kids off season training program entail?

Kids off season training programs should not exist, period.

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If we were dealing with ADOLESCENCES and ADULTS then an off season training program would involve;

  • a 6-12 week period.
  • letting the body recover from competition stress
  • letting the mind recover from competition stress
  • treating injuries in preparation for the next season of competition
  • enjoying ‘other’ activities and increase time spent with loved ones
  • possibly letting healthy nutrition slip for a while
  • recharging personal enthusiasm for your chosen sports game
  • possibly following a strict program set by your sports coach to improve a specific fitness element

Kids out of season training MUST be handled differently than adults.

Quiet simply kids need a rest!

Kids sport is played for enjoyment. The fun factor for any activity will diminish quickly if kids are forced to continue participating in the same sports games all year.

Kids fitness will not dramatically decrease over a short off season

Coaches who train squads or individuals in sports such as running, swimming, gymnastics etc will have different goals for their athletes.

Very competitive coaches and kids may only take short kids off season training breaks from their yearly schedules. When coaching these types of sports games coaches need to be very aware of the signs of over training and burn out.

Kids fitness can be maintained by sports coaches implementing various CROSS TRAINING activities

Weekend warrior Mum’s and Dad coaches cease training and competition once the season is completed. The kids in sports are usually ready to more onto their next sports choice.

Mum’s and Dad’s are also ready for a break!