Obesity in Children
Help them succeed

You as coach are fully aware of obesity in children and its increasing prevalence in society.

You will develop an individual fitness and skill training sessions to support the overweight kids.

You as sports coach will discuss the advantages of practicing a healthy lifestyle; a nutritious diet, getting daily exercise.

Coaches you need to have open communication with your players and their parents.

How then do you approach the problem of obese children selecting inappropriate sports for their physical capabilities, limitations?

The answer lies in the philosophy of the sports coach and the competition the athlete will be participating in.

Traits of a successful coach can be found HERE. On reading this information it is clear that obesity in children is not going to cause concern to a coach whose aim is to promote enjoyment and maximum participation.

Your job in the non competitive sporting environment is to engage the sports kids so they develop health attitudes and improve fitness and sports skills.

The overweight kids are part of the training squad or team and will be treated with respect and positive support by all.

If a team or squad is involved in a highly competitive environment than the obese athlete is putting themselves into a possible position of experiencing failure.

You as coach will need to support their development. However the dynamics of the competitive situations faced by the overweight kid may cause negative outcomes.

Being proactive with these kids will help them prepare for demands they may face on the sports field. Open communication with parents allows you as coach to highlight the possible outcomes of the overweight kids performance.

Now it should not be a coaches aim to reject an obese child from participating, but certain sports and activities are going to challenge overweight athletes.

Again if the communication with the parents and athlete if proactive, negativity caused through poor performance may be alleviated.

Sports coaches don’t put yourself in the position of obesity in children causing friction within your team/squad, parents and your coaching philosophy.

Deal with and discuss any issues you can foresee eventuating by having overweight kids in your squads or teams.

A representative sports coach will select specific athletes for various team positions. If an overweight child is selected than they will be expected to perform at a certain level.

Using obesity as an excuse for substandard training or competition performance in this team or squad environment is not acceptable.

Coaches selecting athletes for competitive teams or squads need to assess each individual's ability to function effectively within their training programs and competition expectations.

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