How do obese kids participate and improve in kids sport?

Overweight, kids, obese kids, whatever their tag in society need positive support, not negativity within their lives.

It should be remembered that children with obesity problems are not always the ones to blame for their condition. Genetics and or a parent guided unhealthy lifestyle are most likely the cause of the obesity.

In kids sports the overweight kids sometimes are not physically able to complete the fitness or skill tasks set by the sports coach. In a game situation the kids just can’t cope with the dynamic movement of the other competitors.

If an obese kid is unable to function like your other sports kids they need to be placed on a modified program.

  • Kids fitness activities will need to be shortened
  • More breaks will need to be given
  • More coach motivation and positive support will have to be given
  • Skill activities separated from fitness activities
  • Sports game skills will need to be designed so the obese child’s movements are minimized
  • Other squad or team members encouraged to give positive support

The overweight kids should not be segregated from the other individuals however the coach needs to keep their limitations firmly in mind.

Your job as sports coach is to encourage them to ‘have a go’. Be ready to support them when they fail and praise them when they succeed. Don’t set them up for failure.

In my coaching experience I find it a fine line between giving out ‘tough love’ and ‘cutting them some slack’. I push them when they need it. I allow them more breaks to recover. I manipulate the game situation so their contribution is meaningful.

The main objective is to keep the obese kids involved in organized kids sport. If you as coach make them feel like an accepted member of the squad or team, then their enjoyment levels and participation will be high.

coaching kids sports is Doug Locke