Lazy kids lack motivation

Participation in kids sports can break this cycle

Lazy kids need your patience.

The alarming prevalence of obesity in young kids has been highlighted in modern studies into society. One of the best ways to prevent excessive weight gain in kids is participation in sporting activities.

However, parents who enroll their kids in sports with the goal of weight management are likely to be disappointed if this is the only strategy being used.

Lazy kids not only need exercise but a healthy diet as well.

Children lack of motivation can be caused by their inability to participate successfully in sporting games and activities.

Sports coaches need to provide a supportive environment for the overweight kids so they can achieve positive outcomes.

It’s a vicious cycle

  • Lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle cause weight gain
  • Weight gain impedes participation and sports skill acquisition
  • Kids lacking in fitness and sports skills become disheartened, lose motivation and drop out of organized kids sports
  • They are then branded as lazy

Sports coaches accept that the overweight kid is not going to, in the beginning, participate at the same levels as their other players. Skill development will be slower.

An individual sports program will aid the athlete to improve. The sports coach must try to incorporate the overweight’s kids program within the other team members training.

A child wants to feel included and part of the team or squad. Develop team harmony and a supportive environment so all team members encourage each other to improve.

Be the sports coach that breaks that too lazy and lacks motivation cycle for the overweight kids.

Lazy children will become active participants if given a positive environment.

coaching kids sports is Doug Locke