Kids Triathlon Training

Kids Triathlon training prepares kids and high school students for obviously tri's but also aquathlons / aquathons (swim / run), and duathlons (bike / run).

When organizing the weekly plan, triathlon coaches or sports coaches need to first look at how many weeks away the main race is and how many sessions per week the triathlon kids can commit to.

Like all sports training programs it should have a period of base fitness work, specific race preparation, and tapering. For serious high school triathletes a 12 week preparation is required.

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Beginner Triathletes
Distances up to 200m swim / 10km bike / 2km run

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12 Years and under triathletes
Distances up to 400m swim / 12km bike / 3km run
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High school triathletes
Distances up to 750m swim / 20 km bike / 5km run
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A fun and enjoyable way for kids in triathlon to experience the thrill of a race and competition is to enter as part of a team. Each team member does on leg of the race. As confidence grow junior athletes will quickly move to completing the entire race themselves.

When & where are the Triathlons, Aquathon, Duathlons, Aquathlons?

Triathlon coaches would be well advised to keep their kids triathlon training sessions fresh with new ideas and activities. Kids triathlon training that only involves swimming laps, riding monnotous miles, and running the same run courses will become boring. Keep sessions stimulating, involve relays, mini races (aquathons / aquathlons), and change training venues whenever possible.

Triathlon coaches, sports coaches, and parents should refer to there local state or county triathlon association. It's here that race calendars will be available along with local club contacts. Local clubs often hold informal races which are great ways for the beginner triathlon kids to experience racing in a less competitive environment.

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