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Kids Training Programs

What sport are you coaching?


Pre Season   Competition Season  Tapering

Post Season  Off Season

Kids training programs will be very sports specific.  Irrespective of the sport, kids sports coaches MUST have goals for the season and enthusiastically chase success. A sports coach who has routine, discipline and motivation will deliver a fun, enjoyable, learning experience for this individual athletes or team members.

Click here to access a simple season training program to follow for Team Sport or Individual Sport.

Weekend warrior mum’s and dad’s coaching kids team sports require just a basic outline of the upcoming season.

Sports coaches who are working with higher level athletes, teams and or competitions will have very comprehensive coaching programs.  Experience has taught them that results don't just happen.  

The logical structured plan for kids training programs  

Sports coaches around the globe follow the below phases of training:  

  1. Pre Season
  2. Competition Season (including Tapering)
  3. Post Season
  4. Off Season

This structured organisational model has stood the test of time.  Success is never guaranteed but having a goal and developing a plan of action is good practice for sports coaches.  

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

  • using a note pad or excel spread sheet record the number of weeks you will be working with your junior team or athletes within a year
  • divide the weeks into pre season, competition, and taper if applicable 
  • use the below components of fitness to design your kids training program
  • highlight the components of fitness that each week of the program will focus on
  • highlight the specific sports skill that each week of the program will focus on
  • be flexible and constantly evaluate

The components of fitness

  1. Strength
  2. Endurance
  3. Power
  4. Speed
  5. Agility
  6. Flexibility
  7. Balance
  8. Co ordination

Some information for kids sports coaches on Weight Training.

Remember you are wanting to ensure kids are having an enjoyable experience and are learning new skills.  Your training programs may look comprehensive on paper however fall short in reality.

You can never be sure how children will react to the training stimuli and skill development you expose them too.  

Take the time to develop the junior athlete.

If they need extra time acquiring skills then you may need to cut back on kids fitness activities or vice versa.

If you are coaching a team sport you will identify after each game, skills or game strategies that require further practice.  Be sure to change your training programs to allow this practice and development to take place.

Coaches should record their training plans in detail and subsequent results.  This allows for post season evaluation.

Great kids sport coaches constantly strive to improve their exercise for kids programs for upcoming seasons, competitions etc.

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