Kids Swim Training

Kids swim training

Kids swim training builds mental discipline and strength. Swimming workouts build strong fit bodies.

Kids swimming training develops a life long water safety and aquatic survival skills to all participants.

Swimming should be a mandatory skill that all children learn by age 5.
Why, because so many activities are not available for the non swimmer.

Diving, sailing, surfing, rafting, water polo, pool parties to name a few. and its just plain dangerous for children or adults to live life without being able to save themselves from drowning in any aquatic environment.

Swimming workouts

Kids swim training needs to be coached by qualified instructors. Sport coaches need to spend the time educating themselves in being able to teach correct swim technique.
Agree with me or not but swimming is technique driven.
Swim training kids or teenagers whether they be triathletes or competitive age group swimmers to swim lap after lap, sprint after sprint, heart rate set after heart rate set is counter productive unless swimmers hold perfect stroke technique.

Read this very informative article by a top junior swim coach Anthony McLeod on the progress of junior swimmers.

As a swim coach:

  • plan a yearly overview
  • set firm guidelinesand be consistent
  • be encouraging as well as setting the bar high and pushing competitive swimmers
  • instruct and reinforce correct swimming technique while building swimmers strength and fitness levels.
  • incorporate land drills and body weight activities into swimming training to help improve a swimmers performance
  • monitor swimmers for overtraining, fatigue, injuries and poor health
  • encourage healthy eating
  • correct hydration

  • A highly skilled swim coach is in huge demand by both athletes, parents and other sporting associations. With the high participation rate in aquathlons and triathlons many running, cycling coaches don't understand the complex swimming techniques athletes must display to move through the water efficient and ultimately with speed. Sports such as water polo demand players are in top swimming fitness. Contact sports now widely use the aquatic environment to aid recovery for the players after competition.

    If swimming coaching is something you wish to pursue in coaching kids sports gain the correct accreditation, current first aid and form a relationship with a current swim coach to help as a mentor, while you gain some experience and confidence.

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