Kids Sports Equipment

In the ‘old days’ kids sports equipment used in kid's sports was the full adult size or only partially modified.

Can you remember as a child having to kick or throw a full size ball, swing a full sized bat, play on a massive senior field?
Kids sports equipment for sports coaches

kids sports equipment for sports games

Youth sports are now governed by District, State, National and International organizations that provide strict guidelines for kid’s sport.

Your first job as a new sports coach is to educate yourself to the modified rules and modified sports gear used in your sport.

Most sports clubs will provide their coaches with the basic kit of sports gear. As a sports coach ensure the gear is good working order and replace broken equipment to avoid possible injury to your athletes.

I have over the years compiled my own extra coaching aids eg whistles, training markers, nutrition, fitness and sport specific dvd’s, books. I order all my gear online from the various worldwide suppliers. I regularly use,,,, and

The recommendations and reviews you come across on this site have all been used by me and I give them my ‘tick of approval’.

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Using modified kids sports equipment and modified playing conditions does the following;

  • greatly increases athletes enjoyment levels
  • provides a safer environment for example protective devices / gear
  • equipment is the correct size and weight to decrease the likelihood of over use sporting injuries occurring
  • allows kids to confidently handle and manipulate the equipment
  • allows specific sports skills to be taught to junior athletes successfully
  • sports coaches to develop more advanced sports skills and drills with the kid’s
  • higher retention rates in junior athletes progressing to senior competitions and events

Individual sports and activities all have various gear requirements and training aids.

Encourage your athletes to when ever possible purchase sports gear that will aid their development and enjoyment of the activity.

Correctly fitting kids sports shoes is number 1.

kids sports equipment sports shoes Save yourself and athletes parents a lot of money and shop online for kid’s sports shoes. You simply need to know the size before placing orders.

I help parents by providing them with a list of both compulsory and optional sports equipment that the kids require to participation safely and successfully in my squad or team.

I also make an effort very early in the season to identify sports kids who have sports equipment that is the incorrect in size. Kids development and enjoyment of the activities will be greatly decreased using the wrong sized gear.

kids sports equipment for sports games

Beware of the parents and kid’s who say ‘we bought the bat, glove, jersey, ball, shoe one size too big so he or she can grow into it & use it for the next couple of seasons’.

Big, huge mistake. Unfortunately it happens all the time.

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