Effective use of Kids Sports Drinks and Pre & Post Event Sports Nutrition

Kids sports drinks and sports nutrition is becoming big business for the multi national sports energy food producers. Marketing departments are taking advantage of the worlds most popular sportsmen and women using the various brands of sports nutrition.

Kids sports nutrition and race food doesn’t need to be complex.

The body needs carbohydrate to produce the energy for sports muscles to operate. Kids in sports need to consume energy rich foods so their muscles are ready to perform.

Kids burn energy more quickly than adults. Remember when you were young and ate like a horse and never put on weight!

Kids in sports are not going to be disciplined like serious adult athletes. Sports coaches have to be realistic in their expectations of how kids and their parents are going to approach nutrition before, during and after exercise.

You as coach can certainly attempt to educate them in the correct things to do.

Pre Exercise or Competition

  • Ideally the last main meal the night before exercise or the competition should have been a nutritious carbohydrate and protein rich food source. For example pasta, rice, lean meats, fish, chicken
  • Water, water, water and only water
  • Breakfast is the most important meal. Carbohydrates, protein, fats should be included where ever possible. For example fresh fruit, cereal, whole grain toast, eggs would be excellent selections
  • Constantly snack on healthy foods before competition to keep energy levels high. For example fresh fruit, sticks of carrot, celery, flavored tinned tuna
  • A mixture of nuts, seeds and sultanas

During the Competition or Training (Race Food)
  • Water, kids sports drink, water, soft drink, water
  • Non acidic fruit (various melon fruits)
  • A mixture of nuts, seeds and sultanas
  • Soft sugary lollies (my favorite jelly snakes!)
  • For long carnival days kids need a substantial amount of energy so include carbohydrate and protein rich sandwiches, wraps or sushi with ham, chicken, tuna plus salad fillings, yogurts, as well as the above fruits, nuts and lollies

Post Exercise or Competition

Vegetarians will replace the meats with variations of beans, tofu, lentils and other legumes.

Preteen kids in sport should sparingly consume as race food the various energy gels, gu's and bars on the market. These items are made at adult strength levels.

Kids should also have 10 hours of sleep each night.

Sports coaches, although the kids are not professional sportsman and women you need to educate them that kids sports drinks, sports nutrition and race food pre, during and post event is vital if they wish to perform at optimum levels.

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