Kids Fitness

Help overweight kids enjoy kids sports

A sports coaches aim is to improve kids fitness levels.

Junior coaches who have overweight kids must support these children. They are the children who most need sport. Unfortunately they are also the target group who drop out of sport most quickly.

kids fitness

A sports coach faces the crossroads when they have overweight kids in their care.

What is the coaches coaching philosophy?

What does the code of conduct state?

Representative teams aside, the sports coach has a duty to include and encourage all athletes including the overweight kids.

Imagine the satisfaction you would gain from taking an obese child into your squad and throughout the course of the season you help transform them into a skilled, highly active, valuable team member.

What if you could achieve a noticeable increase in the kids fitness levels?

Reasons for obese children not playing sport. Click on the links for more details.

Sports coaches should attempt to educate themselves to why the kids are overweight. And how they can improve the kid’s fitness levels.

kids fitness Genetics plays a role – a persons genes help determine the type of body they have. The genes also effects how the body stores and burns energy and fats. A quick look at Mum or dad may tell you whether genetics is a major factor.

If genetics is to blame than the sports coaches needs to be forever mindful of this and plan training sessions that will accommodate the overweight child.

Lifestyle is more likely the key factor for the child’s obesity. Dietary patterns and sedimentary habits have been identified by medical researches as the main causes of obesity in today’s society.

If lifestyle is the cause, the coach is not going to feel comfortable approaching the parents and asking them to alter their lifestyle habits.

kids fitness for kids sport

Your best way forward is to educate the athlete about healthy foods and proper hydration hoping it may alter some dietary habits at home.

Kids fitness is one of the key training components to coaching kids sports. All individuals will improve their sports skills and sports games performance if fitness levels are increased.

Always remember the aim of your junior coaching position. Excluding overweight kids to improve the team or squads results is not appropriate and any coach who does so should be given a ‘tap on the shoulder’ as asked to step aside.

coaching kids sports is Doug Locke