Kids beginner triathlon training

The kids beginner triathlon training program is written with the maximum racing distances of 200m swim / 8km bike / 2km run

The emphasis is to help the triathlon kids to have the confidence in all three triathlon disciplines to derive fun and enjoyment from their selected triathlon, aquathon, or duathlon event.

kids Beginner triathlon training

A absolute maximum:

  • 8 week program
  • 6 sessions a week
  • 45 minute long training session

Kids triathlon coaches should consult parents to maximise the best fit for the weekly program, or sport coaches set the sessions each week and triathlon kids attend sessions when it suits. The problem with the second option is children will often miss triathlon training sessions that are vital to the kids continued improvement.

Triathlon training program

Monday - Swim 30-45minutes (Long intervals 100 - 200m)
Run 10-30 minutes (Fartlek, intervals, tabata)

Tuesday - Bike 30-45minutes (Steady ride)

Wednesday - Run 15-30 minutes (Steady run with some small hills)

Thursday - Bike 20-45 minutes (Short 1-3 minutes speed intervals)

Friday - Swim 30-45 minutes (25-100m sprints plus various other strokes for strength)

Saturday - Mini races / transition practice 45 mins (very short swim/runs, bike/runs, or swim/bike/runs 5-10 minutes in length for each)

Sunday - Rest and family time

Above are maximum times and distances. Kids beginner triathlon training doesn't need to be this lengthy.

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