Junior Triathlon Training

Junior triathlon training is aimed at the triathlon kids who have a strong background in the sports of swimming and or running. Most kids have learnt to ride a bike and with some extra practice can become proficient quickly at riding.

The triathlon training program will be aimed at preparing the junior triathletes for a race up to the following distances.

Swim 400m / Bike 12km / Run 3km

Kids triathlon coaches should plan a program of 12 weeks. 4-5 weeks of steady miles/kilometers to increase the kids fitness levels. 4 weeks of race specific triathlon training. 2 weeks of high intensity interval training being careful to allow the junior triathlon athlete to recover between sessions. And finally 1 week to taper for the triathlon, aquathon/aquathlon, or duathlon race.

Junior triathlon training

The triathlon coach and junior athlete will need to communicate to decide whether the up coming race or series of races are to be approached seriously. If the junior triathlete wishes to compete strongly then a disciplined work ethic with need to be displayed and a rigid weekly triathlon training program followed. The distances for juniors are however still doable for the children who are physically active and play sport regularly.

Competing a junior triathlon is achievable by only doing a small amount of specific triathlon training. Often this type of athlete still believes they will be near the winning end of the race. Some gifted junior athletes can certainly do minimal triathlon training and still compete very strongly. However triathlon is now considered a main stream sport and many children are making it their number 1 sport and devoting time and effort into training correctly for the races.

A absolute maximum for junior triathletes (12 & under):

  • 12 week program
  • 7-8 sessions a week
  • 75 minute long training session

Triathlon coaches will have set weekly sessions. The junior athlete must ensure they attend the sessions to firstly be capable of completing the distances of the race and secondly to complete the race without making it an unenjoyable experience.

Triathlon training program

Monday - Swim 45-75minutes (Long intervals 200 - 400m)
Run 20-40 minutes (Fartlek, intervals, tabata)

Tuesday - Bike 30-45minutes (Steady ride)

Wednesday - Run 20-40 minutes (Steady run with some small hills)

Thursday - Bike 20-45 minutes (Short 3-8 minutes speed intervals)

Friday - Swim 45-75 minutes (25-100m sprints plus various other strokes for strength)

Saturday - Mini races / transition practice 60 mins (very short swim/runs, bike/runs, or swim/bike/runs 5-10 minutes in length for each)

Sunday - Rest and family time

Above are maximum times and distances. Junior triathlon training doesn't need to be this lengthy for the less competitive children.

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