Good Fat v Bad Fat
Strike a balance

What's good fat?

A diet high in bad fat is not healthy. A diet low in any type of fat is also unhealthy for kids in sports.

Fat is a source of energy and fuel for the muscles in sports kids. It is an essential element for a balance sports nutrition diet.

Fat Facts

  • Fat is an unavoidable part of a healthy diet
  • Fat is required for development of a kids brain and nervous system
  • Fruit and vegies have close to no fat in their make up
  • Butter, nuts, meats and oils are rich in fat
  • Kids in sports should drink full cream milk
  • Each day a child should get approximately 30% of their energy from fat sources
  • Fats from olive oil, fish, almond & cashew nuts, avocado are called Unsaturated fats. These are the body building fats
  • Saturated and Trans fats are usually in all the things that taste yummy. Eat these in moderation; bad fats

Kids sports nutrition should follow a healthy eating plan. As stated this includes a good amount of good fats (olive oil, fish, certain nut types, avocado).

Life is too short to deprive kids the yummy foods. I have taken my sports teams to McDonald’s and the like on many occasions. Unfortunately these foods contain the bad fats. Eat these in moderation.

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