Extra TIPS for management of kids behavior in kids sports

Extra tips for management of kids; guidelines that I have used over the years to reduce the likelihood of typical kids behavior becoming a major problem in kids sports:

  • establish a code of behaviour at the first kids training session. Involve the kids in the process of formulating the behaviour code
  • develop clear expectations regarding attendance, punctuality and training standards in kids sports
  • explain the reasons for each rule and agree on the consequences for breaking them
  • inform parents and club administrators of the team or squads codes of behaviour and the consequences that wil be applied
  • always deal with the behaviour by focusing on the behaviour and not the individual participant as a person in sports games
  • do not publicly insult or embarrass the child
  • avoid punishing a team or squad for the poor behaviour of one child
  • always take a firm, fair and consistent approach to managing kids in sport
  • apply consequences quickly and fairly
  • don’t be afraid to exclude an individual from an activity or sports games which should send the child a strong message
  • the exclusion from sports games should be brief and the kids sports coach must take the time to discuss the incident privately with the individual while they are excluded
  • avoid using punishments such as running laps or push ups etc. See note below
  • great sports coaches use rewards, praise and acknowledgment to reinforce desired behaviours in kids sports
  • sports coaches must develop training sessions that have fun, variety, high rates of activity and participation and finally opportunities for friends to interact in the sporting environment

  • Special note: As a sports coach if you intend to use lap running or push ups to improve kids fitness or exercise for kids, then they will have a negative stigma because they have been used as a punishment. Also these activities are monotonous and have little value as one off exercises for kids. If used as part of a structured training program they are of excellent benefit.

    The above extra tips for management of kids is only part of my repertoire of strategies as a sports coach. Return to Management of Kids to learn more useful techniques.

Coaching kids sports requires common sense Information & Education

Great sports coaches have well planned Training Sessions that include variety and intensity.

Kids sports games must always encourage participation and promote fun and enjoyment as the NUMBER 1 reason for playing.

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