Training Sessions provide excellent exercise for kids.

What type of session is best?

Exercise for kids is one of the main aims of kids sports. However I believe the planning and implementing of the weekly training sessions is what the majority of junior kids sports coaches stress the most.

A junior sports coach who has an effective training session plan will find the following;

  • you will provide a safe environment
  • you will mazimise athlete participation and make effective use of the time available
  • you will have all the required resources available when you need them
  • you will provide challenging exercise that allows for progressive skill development in all participants
  • you will include all athletes, regardless of their level of ability
  • disruptive child behavior will decrease
  • maximize player enjoyment

Training Session Planning and Reviewing

Good training session planning involves the following steps:

exercise for kids in kids sport

1. Information gathering

2. Setting goals

3. Programming activities

4. Reviewing the training session

The cyclic nature of the above process means that reviewing one session will help provide information that helps to refine the goals and athlete experiences for the next training session, and so on.

exercise for kids run during training sessions by sport coaches

Essential Training Session elements

  • session introduction
  • warm up
  • skill and kids fitness activities
  • cool down
  • review

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Exercise for kids is primarily a major role of the junior kids sports coach. Make and take the time and effort to deliver worthwhile and successful kids training sessions.

The sports coach needs to use the internet, club coaching directors and any local sports specific development officers to plan and implement quality training sessions. The exercise for kids programs of years gone by of, running laps of the field or court, followed by a big game doesn't constitute a great training session.

With a little bit of planning the inexperienced sports coach can present to his or her players a highly active, fun and enjoyable set of fitness drills, game skills practice and finally a meaningful game, concentrating on relevant game strategies.

If you are having trouble planning training sessions ask for help!

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