Coaching Resources for kids sports

Use coaching resources to become a successful kids sports coach and significantly improve your training sessions.

Sports resources, where to begin?

What to purchase?

Where to buy?

The latest and greatest sports coaching aids is not going to automatically make you the best coach, but it can certainly help improve the quality of your sports training programs and squad / team training sessions.

Always have the following coaching equipment at every training session


sports coach resources

30 Field Markers (various colors)

Two Sided Clipboard (magnetic / whiteboard - this is to illustrate drills and moves for the visual learners of the group

Interval timer (Gymboss) / Stopwatch

Protective Clothing eg hat, raincoat, sunglasses, gear for all weather

A Mobile/Cell Phone in case of an emergency

Before the internet, sports coaches relied on books and DVD’s to expand their knowledge of a particular sport. Now days internet websites like this one, provide junior coaches with up to date kids sports coaching information.

The internet is extremely useful in researching new team sports drills and coaching skills. YouTube and sports specific sites give the coach a visual on how a specific drills should be performed.

Many excellent books and DVD’s are available covering every topic a junior sports coach requires. CLICK HERE to access sport specific coaching references.

Recommended sports games & sports specific websites


Click Here to access Chris Brown's coaching information.

Martial Arts, specifically Taekwondo, is excellent for teaching self defense, positive self esteem, discipline and develops high levels of kid's fitness.
Have a browse at this excellent site

Swimming is a healthy life long fitness activity that all ages can and do participate in. allows you to learn how to swim without struggle using progressives swimming drills.

The Google search tool is your friend in the search for up to date coaching resources. Use the + sign to help your searches. For example, triathlon + wetsuits or kids + running shoes would display all the highest ranked information and online / retail outlets.

If you are a new coach make contact with the organizing sports specific association. Local, State or National organizations will usually provide access for you to professional coaching resources. Most of the information will be provided FREE. These sports organizations will often have development officers, with the latest coaching resources, who will attend your training sessions and help your development in coaching.

Sports coaching is like any job or profession, you don’t have to know everything. Be prepared to keep building on your knowledge to improve the quality of sports coaching you provide for the kids in sport.

Don’t be left behind with your coaching skills!

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