I need to improve my Behaviour Management

Regrouping is the answer


Behaviour management is essential in kids sports coaching.

Kids sports coaches endeavour to plan and execute engaging training sessions for their sports kids. However, sometimes during the session, disruptive behaviour begins and the coach tries to ignore it.  The negative behaviour begins to snowball.

  Unfortunately the minor bad behaviour, if let go too far, can transform a great training session into an unsafe, unfocused waste of time.

Sports coaches, I should know, it’s happen to me.  You give the sports kids an inch and they take a mile.

My strategy for refocusing children is simple.  Sound a long blast on the whistle and bring the team or squad together.  Sit the group down allow the talk to stop and then QUIETLY speak to the group.

Talking quietly makes the athletes have to settle and focus on your voice.  The disruptive behaviour has ceased.  The coach needs to outline what’s going to happen next in the session.  This could require explaining an activity again, changing activity or some positive encouragement to the group to help motivation.

I call this regrouping.  

I essentially use it when I feel my athletes have lost focus or negative behaviour is appearing.  

Kids sports coaches need to ask themselves the following:

  • Why is this behaviour happening?
  • Is my session not engaging the athletes?
  • Is one or two children causing the disruption?
  • What was my plan for disruptive behaviour?
  • Are the activities to easy or hard for the kids causing them to lose focus?

CLICK HERE for more tips on management of kids in sports. 

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Well meaning kids sports coaches don't realise sometimes they are the main cause of the disruptive behaviour during training sessions.
Bob Bigalow's Just Let the Kids Play: How to Stop Other Adults from Ruining Your Child's Fun and Success in Youth Sports addresses may issues and provides practical solutions.
It was a great addition to my coaching resources when I was having a few problems in the early 2000's.