Behavior Management in Kids Sports will require a Sense of Humour

Be prepared to laugh!


Behavior management of kid’s sports becomes an easier task when you have an excellent rapport with the kids.

Sport coaches need to be ruthlessly efficient during their training sessions and competition events so the kids remain safe while learning and applying new sports skills.  

However kids in sport are there for the enjoyment aspect as much as wanting to become champion athletes.  They want to feel comfortable in the sport coach’s presence.  The coach needs to have a laugh with the individuals.

Sports coaches ideally want an environment where comedy is tolerated.  The training session should cope with a small comic interruption. 


It's ok to have a bit of laughter and joking around during the training session

The key is to have the ability to refocus the kids once the joke is over.  Kids will often carry a joke too far and it will have the potential to destroy your training session if let go on too long......

Very often the unskilled kids will be the centre of the joke and laughter.  Protect the self esteem of the not so skilled athletes by stamping out any silly teasing.  Failure to act quickly when this situation arrives will cause team member and their parents to lose confidence in your coaching ability. 

Build the relationship with the sports kids so you can call them by their ‘nickname'.  The kids love this as they feel included and part of the ‘group'.

Once the coach sets the rules and routines to their training and competition sessions it becomes easier for coaches to relax a little and show a sense of humor.

In my sessions the kids learn very early on that I love to have a joke however once the laugh is over its back to business.  The players also realize that the jokes do not include ridiculing other team members or opposition team players.  

It's not cool to laugh at team member who may be struggling with new skills or aspects of game play.

Behavior Management concluding remarks

Behavior management in sports coaching is much more enjoyable and successful when the sports coach is relaxed.  The ability of the coach to refocus the individuals or squad quickly is the key to providing producative training sessions.  

Begin with firm behavior management strategies and as you gain control of the group, you can loosen up a little, and enjoy the crazy moments that come with coaching kids in sport.

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