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In kids sports, teaching game skills, developing kids fitness and providing exercise for kids does not require great skill but just a positive attitude, sequential program and most importantly a sense of enjoyment and fun from you, the coach or instructor.

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Sport plays a major role in shaping the countries identity and culture. It helps to maintain the health and well being of individuals and communities, and it builds personal and national pride.

Sport teaches kids and adults important life skills such as leadership, friendship, teamwork, respect, fairness, responsibility, resilience and how to interact socially with all types of people.

To be an effective kids sports coach it is essential to understand the required role and responsibilities, the advantages and disadvantages of different styles of coaching, why you are wanting to become involved and how are you going to develop effective relationships with players, parents and officials.

The information and education you will receive on these pages is practical, common sense strategies used over the last 20 years in both coaching kids sports and teaching kids physical education in schools.

Kids sports coach

Many ideas, coaching strategies, sports games rules, sports equipment etc have changed over time. However the basic premise of allowing children opportunities and the promotion of fun and enjoyment should and must be continued in sports coaches, coaching kids sports games.

Take advantage of 20 plus years experience of having kids laugh and learn new skills while participating in exciting skill based kids exercise and kids fitness sports games.

Help yourself to become a better sports coach

Accelerate your learning of all the ‘tricks of the trade’ for coaching junior sport. The resources are informative and will help ease the worry of coaching youth sports.

Take the time to educate yourself in all the essential topics, as each one is a vital part of being a successful coach. Following this information will increase the enjoyment for you and the kids from participating in sport.

Rookie or inexperienced sports coaches

Sports coaching the first few times can be a daunting task for everyone. The basics of coaching sports is covered in depth on this website. Begin your search here.

Experienced sports coaches

So you have coached sports a few times or are feeling confident in your own ability to have a successful season and help the kids improve their skills and fitness. You may be requiring assistance in a particular area. See above for some popular topics for sports coaches or check out the following:

Coaching representative teams or elite athletes

Coaching resources

Essential sports coaching equipment

Congratulations for seeking information and education to improve your coaching skills. Good luck in whatever sport you coach in and please make contact via the 'contact us' page with any questions and comments.

A sports coach requires a plan when coaching kids sports?
Be a positive sports coach by being educated and well informed when coaching kids sports.
Management of kids in sport
Management of kids in sports, is very important for sports coaches.
Kids Sports Nutrition and Sports Hydration -Educate the kids in sport.
Kids Sports Nutrition and Sports Hydration are vital for Kids in Sports peroformance.
Improving kids fitness through sport helps overweight kids enjoy sports games.
Improving kids fitness helps overweight Kids play sports games
Kids Training Programs improve Kids Fitness
Kids training programs need to include kids fitness activities and sports skills.
Exercise for Kids is the basis for a Coaches Training Sessions
Exercise for Kids forms the basis of Kids Training sessions. What training sessions are best for kids?
Kids Sport Injuries and Illness – Treat with extreme caution.
Kids Sport injuries and Illness need to be carefully monitored by Sports Coaches.
Sports Equipment for Kids and Youth Sports Coaches
Kids Sports Equipment needs to be the correct size and weight depending on the child’s age
Kids sports games and competitive competitions
Competitive Competition in Kids Sports Games is a positive experience if handled correctly by the Youth Sports Coach
Coaching Resources helping with Coaching Skills in Youth Sports
Use coaching resources to become an quality kids sports coach and significantly improve your training sessions.
Tabata training for Kids
Tabata training for kids involves high intensity interval training workouts.
Kids running cross country
Kids running cross Country is one of the most rewarding coaching experiences going.
Kids Swim Training
Kids swim training is a role for experienced sports coaches or coaches willing to educate themselves.
Triathlon for Kids
Triathlon for kids is a perfect sport for kids fitness and confidence to greatly improve.
Gymboss Interval timer
I personally use Gymboss Interval timers for coaching and my own personal training.
Coaching Kids Sports Resources
Coaching Kids Sports Resources for the sports coach
Coaching Kids Sports creator is Doug Locke
Doug has been coaching kids sports since 1989. Information and education through experience.
Contact Me
Please contact me regarding coaching kids sports eg cross country, triathlon , tabat training etc.

Coaching kids sports requires common sense Information & Education

Great sports coaches have well planned Training Sessions that include variety and intensity.

Kids sports games must always encourage participation and promote fun and enjoyment as the NUMBER 1 reason for playing.

tabata high intensity interval trainer for coaching kids sports